Authentic And Honest

Twenty years of marriage is an accomplishment. And while I would like to say it has had its ups and downs, that would be a lie. It isn’t that there have been no challenges, life itself is challenge. But it is difficult for me to look at these past twenty years and quantify any point of my marriage higher, or lower than any other.

Now, some have compared marriage to a roller coaster. But the fact is marriage is more like one of the cars you sit in while you ride through the roller-coaster that is life. You see, life is the roller-coaster and not everybody wants to ride the same car.

Sometimes people change cars. The problem with that is the roller-coaster doesn’t stop. In fact, that’s the point. The challenge in life is we change cars from time to time, but the ride never stops.

Which brings us here, on this page with you over there reading and me over here writing. As you read these words it’s important you think about two things: Authenticity and honesty.

There are other important things, generosity, empathy, bravery, integrity, and justice, but authenticity and honesty are the bricks and mortar that build these other things.

There are two of us here. My name is Dan, and my wife’s name is Chris. Like you, each of us began life on the roller-coaster in the care and comfort of other people’s cars. In all honesty, if you were to connect four particular dots betwen the millions of points making up our individual life histories, you would see an interesting cross-connect.

In particular I’m talking about connecting the dots betwen societal stability and family stability. The simple facts are these: Chris was born in what we in America call the old country to a loving and close family: only to see her country torn apart by civil war. Dan was born into a typical baby booming dysfunctional family here in mid 20th century America: a hot mess of a kid growing up in what would become a hot mess of a country.

Looking back through these 20 years of marriage and beyond, we are at an important phase of life. The phase where sharing is the most important thing to be done.

What can we share? Well, our stories. Our stories about our successes, our failures, our dreams for ourselves, our children, and our dreams for you.

Because we’ve come to a simple conclusion. The only possible explanation for us all to be here is to help one another. Nothing else makes sense.

And so we call this thing we do Michigan Life and Health. It could just as easily been called California Life and Health, Iowa Life and Health, or Beirut Life and Health for that matter. We talk about life, health, and everything in between.

But we do it in a way to help us all realize it’s going to be okay. It’s also going to be hard. And it’s also going to reach the same inevitable end for each of us. But before that time, that last minute, what can we do to make the idea of a helping world a living reality.

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